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Venturi Tube

Venturi Tube

    • Venturi Tube
Product Details

Venturi Tube

Used to ventulate hazardous vapors or fumes safely. Operates on compressed air or steam. No moving parts. Static grounding lug is standard. Lightweight cast aluminum base. Steel horn(replaceable). Use in high heat locations. Operating pressures up to 140psi. Larger models available up to 8000cfm capacity


16.75"7.31"6"1/2"6.56"0.4"5.5 lbs

30.5"7.31"7"1/2"6.56"0.4"8.5 lbs

44.25"11.25"12.5"1"10.5"0.4"22.3 lbs

46.06"14.37"14.25"1"13.62"0.5"36.0 lbs

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