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Nylon Coiled Air Hose

Nylon Coiled Air Hose

    • Nylon Coiled Air Hose
Product Details

Nylon Coiled Air Hose

185PSI. Temperature Range: -40°F to 176°F(-40°C to 80°C)

Coil spring guards on both ends, Male rigid×male swivel connections.

Nylon recoil hose has high resistance to oil, and moisture absorption. Smooth, high-gloss inner and outer surface. Safety yellow color.

Item#Max PressureMATERIALHose Inside Dia.Hose LengthNPT Size
IISAH-N25-1185Nylon 121/4"121/4"
IISAH-N25-2185Nylon 121/4"251/4"
IISAH-N25-3185Nylon 121/4"501/4"
IISAH-N33-1165Nylon 123/8"123/8"
IISAH-N33-2165Nylon 123/8"253/8"
IISAH-N33-3165Nylon 123/8"503/8"
IISAH-N50-1170Nylon 121/2"121/2"
IISAH-N50-2170Nylon 121/2"251/2"
IISAH-N50-3170Nylon 121/2"501/2"

Based on3:1 safety factor at 75°F. If hose is used in temperatures above 75°F, it should be first tested for safety purposes in that environment. Hose burst pressure decreases significantly at higher temperatures.

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