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Brass or 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Plug Valve

Brass or 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Plug Valve

    • Brass or 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Plug Valve
Product Details

Brass or 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Plug Valve
This series plug valves provide positive leak tight shut-off, high flow capacity, and quick quarter-turn operation in a compact attractive package. The patented blow-out resistant seat design offers reliable sealing technology at all operating pressures. In addition to on-off actuation, the plug design allows forward flow throttling. A selection of valve seat and seal materials may be chosen for media compatibility and performance over a broad range of temperatures. The pressure balanced atmospheric seals are backed by PTFE rings to enhance their performance and increase cycle life.     
Patented blow-out resistant seat design. Pressure up to 3000psi (207 bar) CWP. Quarter-turn operation. Reliable simple design. Straight-through flow
Stainless steel and brass construction. Nitrile, ethylene propylene (EPR and EPDM) and fluorocarbon rubber seats and seals
PTFE back-up rings on atmospheric seals. Low operating torque. Minimum pressure drop. Throttling capability. Positive handle stops
Color coded fracture resistant nylon handles with directional flow indication. Easy to service. 100% factory tested.
Options include lock-out devices, downstream venting,and both stainless steel and T-bar handles.
Pressure Ratings: Normal Flow Direction:3000 psi(207bar)CWP; Reverse Flow Direction:150 psi(10bar); Downstream Vent Option:150 psi(10bar)

Item#Inlet SizeDLWH

Item#Inlet SizeDLWH
1/4"0.172"2.03" 2.00" 1.64"

Item#Inlet SizeDLWH

Item#Inlet SizeDLWH
1/8"0.172" 1.53"2.00" 1.64" 
1/4"0.172" 1.90" 2.00" 1.64" 
1/2"0.283" 2.64" 2.63" 2.18" 

Item#Inlet SizeDLWH
1/8"0.172"1.78" 2.00" 1.64" 
1/4"0.172" 2.09" 2.00" 1.64" 
1/4"0.283" 2.38" 2.63" 2.18" 
1/2"0.283" 2.88" 2.63" 2.18" 

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