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3-way or 4-way Plug Valves

3-way or 4-way Plug Valves

    • 3-way or 4-way Plug Valves
    • 3-way or 4-way Plug Valves
Product Details

3-way or 4-way Plug Valves
Working Temperature: 40°F to 180°F.
Maximum operating pressure: 30PSI
Port size: 9/32" diameter for 1/8" and 1/4"
5/16" diameter for 3/8".
Side outlet and bottom outlet are available.
Non-lubricated plug valves
Designed to operate in systems where instantaneous port selection is desired.
There is no lubricant to freeze and lock the valve or to contaminate fine fluids.
The o-ring sealed cap and stem eliminate leakage to atmosphere .
The mating brass body and celcon plug produce a fine seal that WILL NOT SEIZE OR GALL.
Designed for panel or racket mounting.
Recommended for operation in Gasoline, Oil, Air, Water and Detergent systems.
Types available: Less Click and With Click 360 degree.
(Note: a pronounced "click" may be felt at each position, handle travel is not restricted)

For automotive an light industrial applications to switch tanks and direct fluid in multiple directions

Item #Port SizeStem HeightOverall HeightOverall Length
Three Way Style
MSOV25TW1/4" Female1.37"3"2.38"
MSOV33TW3/8" Female1.37"3"2.38"
Four Way Style
MSOV25FWL1/4" Female1.37"3.5"2.38"
MSOV25FWH1/4" Female2.37"4.5"2.38"
MSOV33FWL3/8" Female1.37"3.5"2.38"
MSOV33FWH3/8" Female2.37"4.5"2.38"

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