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2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve

2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve

    • 2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve
    • 2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve
    • 2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve
Product Details

2PC Mini Brass Ball Valve

600PSI (WOG) 150 PSI (WSP) Service.

Temperature Range: -20°F to +370°F (-30°C to +190°C).

Two Piece Forge Brass Construction. Teflon ® Seats, Blow Out Proof Brass Stem, Rubber Seals, Hard Chrome Plated Brass Ball. 

Full Port for 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2"; Regular Port for 3/4".

Steel Lever Handle
MFBV-251/4" M×F0.314"1.65"1.71"1.04"
MMBV-251/4" M×M0.314"1.94"1.71"1.04"



Al. Die Cast Tee Handle
Item#SizeDLWHWt. (Lbs.)
MMTH-121/8"M × F0.24"1.8"1.96"1.10"0.24
MMTH-251/4"M × F0.24"1.8"1.96"1.10"0.19
MMTH-383/8"M × F0.40"2"1.96"1.26"0.28
MMTH-501/2"M × F0.50"2.4"2.48"1.45"0.43
MMTH-753/4"M × F0.66"2.7"2.48"1.65"0.53
MFTH-121/8"F × F0.24"1.65"1.96"1.10"0.26
MFTH-251/4"F × F0.24"1.65"1.96"1.10"0.19




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