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Stainless Steel Case Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges

Stainless Steel Case Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges

    • Stainless Steel Case Liquid-Filled     Pressure Gauges
Product Details

Stainless Steel Case Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges
Ambient Temp.: -4°F to 212°F (-20°C to 100°C). Case and Bezel: Stainless Steel.
With Brass rotary gerar, With brass socket, With tough poly carbonate lens
Accuracy: 2% mid-scale. Dial: with psi and bar.

Item#RangeDial SizeConnection SizeImages
IISPG-SS150BK-130-0Hg1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-20-15psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-30-30psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-40-60psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-50-100psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-60-160psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-70-200psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-80-300psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-90-600psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-100-1000psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-110-2000psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-120-3000psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS150BK-130-5000psi1.5"1/8" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-130-0Hg2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-20-15psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-30-30psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-40-60psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-50-100psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-60-160psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-70-200psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BT-80-300psi2"1/4" Bottom Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-130-0Hg2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-20-15psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-30-30psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-40-60psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-50-100psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-60-160psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-70-200psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-80-300psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-90-600psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-100-1000psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-110-2000psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-120-3000psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-130-5000psi2"1/4" Back Mount
IISPG-SS200BK-140-6000psi2"1/4" Back Mount

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