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Air Valves

Air Valves

    • Air Valves
    • Air Valves
Product Details

-----Air Valves

●  With 1/4" NPT Female Thread Ports
●  Max Working Pressure and temperature:150psi, 160 degree fahrenheit

●  Lever Actuated Spring Return: Rapid lever action, 3-5way spring return air valve.Provides fast action. Pull lever to actuate valve. Release of lever allows spring to return valve to closed position. Base Plate equipped with mounting holes for easy attachment to bench top or machine.

●  Foot Actuated Machanical: Rugged, foot-operated 3-5way air valve for instant hands-free operation of innumerable air devices. Easy action pedal, remains in open or  closed position without constant foot pressure. Includes foot guard.

●  Lever Actuated Manual Return: "Quick action"hand operated 3-5way air valve for fast hand operation. Air valve will remain in open or closed position. without constant hand pressure. Base plate has mounting holes for easy attachment to bench top or machine.

●  Plunger Actuated Spring Return: 3-5way air valve without foot or hand operating mechanism. Ideal for mounting on special installations for various air controlled equipment applications. Hardened steel operating valve plunger, spring return for cam operation
●  CV Rate: For Hand Lever, Palm Button, Foot Pedal is 1.4, for Foot Pedal with Foot guard is 2.88

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